About us

Mission Statement 

Shakespeare once asked, “what’s in a name?”. At BIBO, it’s all in the name.

BIBO (pronounced BE-BO) stands for bars in, bottles out. This not only defines how we produce and package our products, but underpins our 100% sustainable approach to hair and body care.

We’re saying no to excess packaging, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and saying yes to something else: bars.

We’re on a mission to create shampoo bars, conditioner bars, lotion and soap bars that aren’t made at the expense of the planet. While we look to the past for our inspiration with our plant-derived active ingredients, we also look to the future in our forward-thinking, eco-conscious approach to cosmetic innovation.

It’s time to rethink how you care for your skin and your hair, as well as how you care for the planet.

The best part? We’re inviting you to join us.

Our Philosophy

We’re committed to making you look and feel your best.

At BIBO, we believe that nature is the best-kept beauty secret. As a result, we have carefully sourced ancient, nutrient-rich elements from around the globe to bring together a revolutionary blend of ingredients for the ultimate hair and skin care experience.

Our shampoos, conditioners, lotions and soap bars are packed with incredibly nutrient-rich, 100% natural and sustainable plant-derived botanicals that work to restore your hair and skin. As a result, each of our products has been expertly curated with a specific combination of active ingredients, depending on the problem to be solved. No two products are the same, just like no two people are the same. All of our ingredients are unique and play a special role in your hair or on your skin. 

Leaping bunny Certified

Yes, another leap we’ve taken in the process to ensure that our products are not only free from animal products but are also cruelty-free. So why the Leaping Bunny? The Leaping Bunny Logo is the only internationally recognized symbol guaranteeing consumers that no new animal tests were used in the development of any product displaying it. It is the only international logo of its kind!

BIBO – bars in bottles out plus our suppliers are required to recommit annually to upholding our promise to not conduct animal testing on any finished products, ingredients, or formulations. This is achieved by submitting a “Declaration of Product Compliance” and a “Declaration of Raw Material Compliance”.

We are proud for our products to bear the Leaping Bunny Logo as it makes for a better shopping experience. We’ve taken the leap so why don’t you by trying out our products today!

CertClean Certified

BIBO is all about transparency, and we are proud for our products to bear the CertClean certification mark, North America’s most reliable certification.

It is all about “clean beauty”  which allows you to shop with peace of mind knowing our products are formulated without any harmful chemicals or ingredients that could affect your health and well being.

Where possible only organic, kosher, vegan and eco-cert/cosmos approved ingredients have been sourced.

Our ingredients are free from sulfates, chemicals, plasticizers, silicones, alcohol, and animal products.

Working to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bottles

With our shampoos, conditioners, lotions and silk cream bars, you have the option to order a reusable container to store your products in. The containers are reusable, meaning you can use them for your next BIBO product or as a useful pouch in your handbag.

These containers have water-resistant zippers that won’t rust, which makes them the ideal storage space for your BIBO products. The small, convenient shape makes it a perfect traveling partner, meaning you can take your BIBO products anywhere.

We produce tonnes of plastic waste each year, with 91% of all plastic produced not being recycled. Upcycling of plastic bottles is another step taken to create something beautiful out of plastic bottles that would otherwise have gone to landfill sites.

Meet Glenda!

As much as I loved indulging in luxury items for my skin and hair, I’ve always been acutely aware of the negative impact that the beauty and cosmetics industry has on the planet. Alternatives that are environmentally friendly sometimes come at a higher price and do not offer the results I am looking for.

Starting my own hair and skin care business was something that I had always dreamed about. It was my big ‘what if?’. With the onset of COVID-19, I found myself in a situation that really made me rethink the direction that my life was going in.

After months of formal studying, research, and lots and lots of hard work  BIBO is finally here! This brand is a culmination of what I believe in, what I stand for, and most importantly, what brings me joy. I knew from the start that if I ever were to start my own brand, it would have to be environmentally friendly, waste-free, and contain impactful ingredients . That’s where the inspiration for the name came from: bars in, bottles out.

I wanted to re-frame my hair and skin care products by sourcing organic, kosher, vegan and/or ecocert/cosmos approved ingredients. Newer ingredients hit the market all the time so these ‘bars’ will be evolving. Another reason why I love handmade products, it can be changed on a whim!

I wanted everything from the ingredients, to the packaging, to the processes to be Eco-friendly and non-harmful to the environment. All bars will come sealed in biodegradable packaging, biodegradable peanuts and Kraft paper.

I hope you love these products as much as I do and I look forward to seeing you online!